AZ Department of Agriculture

Weights and Measures Services Division

Large and Small Scales

Weights and Measures investigators regularly conduct inspections to ensure equity of commercial measuring devices and commercial transactions involving quantity. We check over 19,500 small capacity scales used commercially to weigh items at check-out, at meat/deli counters, or in pawn shops or jewelry stores. All commercial scales are inspected for accuracy, suitability of equipment, proper installation, and that they are legal for retail trade.

Small, seemingly insignificant errors can add up. For example, assume a scale used for weighing cheese is incorrect by 0.01 pound. Only 100 uses of the scales per day for 300 days, at a unit price of $7.99 a pound, would result in an error of $2,397 per year. The only way you could know the scale was in error was if you tested it.

That is where our Division comes in. If you have a scale, used for commercial purposes, it's required to have a Division device license and have a Certificate of Conformance issued by the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP).

Learn more about licensing your scale

Learn more about NIST Handbook 44 and NTEP

Learn more about our testing procedures. Check out the NIST Handbook 112. It's what our Compliance Officers follow when inspecting your scale(s).