AZ Department of Agriculture

Weights and Measures Services Division

Device License Requirements

Device License Requirements

An ADWM license is required for any commercial weighing, measuring or counting device used for commercial purposes in Arizona. If you are obtaining a license in the name of an individual, you are required you to fill out a form and submit proof of lawful presence. To see the form, and the types of documents that are accepted as proof of lawful presence, click here


New Devices

To obtain a device license, just send a completed Placed In Service Report (PISR). You will be issued a Business Multi-Function (BMF) number and billed for the device licenses once the PISR is reviewed and approved. Your BMF number is your Agency ID number.
Licensed device changes must be reported to the Division within 7 days of the change. If transferring a license, the new licensee shall notify the Division of the following: new business name, address and the location of the device(s). NOTE: all devices used for commercial purposes must be NTEP-approved.