AZ Department of Agriculture

Weights and Measures Services Division

Corporate Education

To assist with your compliance success, the Department offers training to businesses in the following programs:

Pricing Accuracy

The UPC and price posting training is a free program offered to all retailers who conduct business in Arizona and includes:

In-Field Training 

If you are a small organization, in-field training may be the answer for increasing your compliance rates. A Compliance Officer will visit your location, walk your store and discuss with you and your employees what is correct and what isn't when it comes to pricing.To request this training call (602) 771-4920.

RSR Prep for the Test

RSR Training

Registered Service Representatives (RSRs) are required to pass a written test before they can be certified as an RSR. The Division offers training upon request at our office, located at 4425 West Olive Avenue, Suite 134, in Glendale. To discuss your training needs, call (602) 771-4920.

Weighmaster Prep for the Test

Master Meter Training

To help and encourage companies to utilize master meters to maintain their equipment, the Division offers FREE in-field Master Meter training. Call (602)771-4939 to schedule.