AZ Department of Agriculture

Weights and Measures Services Division

Authority to Construct

An Authority to Construct (ATC) application must be submitted prior to the initial installation or major modification of any site that is required to be equipped with Stage II Vapor Recovery systems pursuant to ARS 3-3512 (E). The ATC application must be completed and signed by the business and sent to the Department of Agriculture, Weights & Measures Services Division with a set of plans showing the location of all Stage II system components. A fee of $250 is required with the submission application.


The Division will review the ATC application and process the request within 30 days.

If excavation is required, a site plan must also be included with the ATC application. The site plan may be a scaled drawing, schematic or blueprint. The site plan must show:

  • Layout of the facility
  • Location of the storage tanks
  • Size and configuration of the vapor recovery piping and tank vents.
  • Connection of the vapor/vent piping to the storage tanks pursuant to AAC R3-7-904 (A) (4)

All equipment installed in Arizona must be California Air Resource Board (CARB) certified pursuant to ARS 3-3512(A). If the Division finds that the equipment does not perform as designed, the deficient equipment can be prohibited from use in Arizona pursuant to AAC R3-7-903(A).

Information needed to complete executive order questions can be found on the California Air Resources Board a direct link to the CARB site is listed on the left menu bar.


Print and fill out all pages of the Authority to Construct Application.

Completed applications and required fees ($250) must be sent or hand delivered to:

Arizona Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures services division
1688 w. adams st.
phoenix, az 85007
Attn: Vapor Recovery

  1. Complete the NATURE OF APPLICATION (items 1-3) by marking the appropriate box (Box for ATC# is for Department use only).
  2. Complete the CONSTRUCTION INFORMATION (items 4 & 5) by giving approximate construction start and end dates, construction contact and phone number.
  3. Complete the APPLICATION INFORMATION (items 6 -12) by indicating corporate information, facility information and nature of the business.
  4. Complete STAGE I INFORMATION section by indicating what the stage I system will consist of (items 13 -15).
  5. Complete STAGE II INFORMATION section by indicating what the Stage II system will consist of (items 16 - 25).
  6. Complete STORAGE TANKS GASOLINE AND DIESEL sections by providing storage tank information (table).
  7. Complete MAIL AUTHORITY TO CONSTRUCT section by providing recipient information (items 26 - 28).
  8. Complete APPLICATION COMPLETED BY section by providing needed information (items 29-31).