AZ Department of Agriculture

Weights and Measures Services Division



The Department recently ramped up efforts to identify credit skimmers in the interest of consumer protection.  Increased scrutiny and educated gas stations owners are helping identify skimmers across the state.  Find the latest list here.

The scam.

Dispenser “skimming” occurs when a criminal attaches a card reading device inside the dispenser. The skimmer is equipped with electronic recorders that capture the financial information from your card. This data can be used to create “cloned” cards which can later be used to withdraw money.

What can you do?  

Inspect the gas pump before using. Be suspicious if you see anything loose or damaged.

If a store has adhesive security stickers make sure they are not voided. If you feel something is wrong, pay inside the store. Ask store personal how frequently they check for skimming devices.  


Report it.

Report ANY discrepancies or illegal activities immediately to your bank.

 Report any skimming device to your local Police Department and The Arizona Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures Services Division at

Be Aware 

Consumers should frequently monitor bank and credit card statements to ensure all transactions are correct.


If someone accesses or uses your credit without your knowledge; contact the credit card company in question. Alert your local Police Department. For more information on reporting fraudulent credit ATM, and debit cards as well and how to protect yourself -